Bathroom Remodel: Is It Worth It?

Is your powder room looking a little dated or just downright sad?  Maybe you’ve been thinking about a bathroom remodel and wondering, is it worth it?  Well, if your bathroom hasn’t been updated in over 20 years then it likely is due for a Bath Remodelremodel. However, trying to keep your costs down so they fit your budget is key to planning any remodel.  Take into consideration the following important points to help you decide whether a remodel is right for you.

ROI.  Measure both monetary and personal return on investment.  A local realtor or home sales counselor can probably tell you what the value of a bathroom remodel is since they see and sell all kinds of homes every day.  But don’t forget to measure the value to yourself and the use you will get out of it.  This can be much harder to do since these are more “soft” factors that cannot be easily measured by money.  Just remember, aesthetics are important!

Down Time.  Talk to contractors or whoever will be performing the work and find out how much down time there will be.  If you only have one bathroom, this is pretty critical to Continue reading

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Beat the Heat: Energy Saving Tips for Your Mobile Home

ThermostatDid your last cooling bill take your breath away (and not in a good way)?  This time of year, cooling your mobile home can cost a small fortune but there are ways to help ease the pain.  To beat the heat, try these energy saving tips for your mobile home.

Thermostat.  Turn the thermostat up to a higher temperature at night and when you are out of the house to save on cooling costs.  Use a programmable thermostat to achieve this without having to remember to do it all the time.  Also make sure you don’t have any heat producing objects near your thermostat, it could be reading a higher temperature than the room really is due to the heat it produces.  This will confuse your thermostat and unnecessarily cool your home too much, wasting energy.

Replace.  If it’s in your budget to do so, think about replacing old doors and windows to more efficient ones.  Also look at adding insulation to keep more of your cool air from escaping.  Many electric companies offer rebates for adding insulation to your home.

Cook Differently.  Just by cooking a meal, you can raise the temperature in your home quite a bit.  Try using Continue reading

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Preparing For Your Grandchildren

Summertime is upon us and many grandchildren will be visiting with their grandparents for some great bonding time together. Preparing For Grandchildren No matter whether your grandchildren are coming for a quick visit or a longer stay, preparing for them can be a little tricky.  Especially since it may have been a little while since you have cared for a young person in your home.

Food.  For any grandkids, having their favorite foods or the foods that they usually eat will help things to go smoothly during meal times.  Of course you can encourage them to venture out and try new foods but always keep some good standbys on call just in case.

Routine.  For babies up through teens, keeping to a schedule (with some flexibility) will keep everyone happy since there is a great deal of comfort in a routine and its familiarity (no matter your age but especially for kids).  Talk to mom and/or dad and find out Continue reading

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Green Living, Inside and Out

What does “Going Green” really mean?  It can mean that you’ll enjoy a more natural andGreen Living healthy lifestyle overall.  Basically, by making a few changes to how you live, you can change your environment and what you put into your body to be more natural and healthy.  Here are a few ways you can start incorporating green living both inside and out.

Household Cleaners.  Did you know that you can switch most of your household cleaners to natural and even homemade alternatives and still achieve the same result?  Remember your mother or grandmother using vinegar and water to clean everything?  These two simple ingredients are still a basic yet effective (and cheap) way to clean your home.  Plus, you can clean multiple surfaces with just one cleaning agent.  Your indoor air will also be healthier to breathe without all the chemicals floating around in it.  Also try using Castile Soap, it’s 100% natural and can be used to clean almost everything!

Energy Efficiency.  Go through your home and Continue reading

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5 Apps To Guide You Through Retirement

Retirement has gotten even more fun with new technology to help you plan for and enjoy your “golden years”.  TryRetirement Apps out these 5 useful apps to help guide you through retirement.

RetirePlan. This app helps you to determine when you can retire and how much you should be socking away each year.  It will also tell you how long your retirement funds will last you while retired.  You can add your spouse’s information and financial data as well as account for inflation and interest rates. (only a buck and available on itunes)

TripIt.  When you’ve retired, you may spend more of your time traveling.  Make organizing your travels easy with this app that will take your flight, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tickets and activities and organize them in a daily schedule that allows you to find everything you need in one place, including addresses, phone numbers, confirmation numbers and more. (free and available on apple, android, and windows market)

Skype.  If you decide to retire far from family or plan to travel a lot, Skype will Continue reading

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Top 4 Secrets from Pickleball Pros to Improve Your Game

Pickleball is fast becoming a popular sport amongst those who are 55+ and active.  One of the great things about pickleball is that Pickleball Tipsit can be played by any skill level from beginners up through expert.  Plus, since the ball moves at 1/3 the speed of a tennis ball and the court is smaller, it allows for more relaxed play.  Already play pickleball and looking for some tips?  Try these top 4 secrets from the pickleball pros to improve your game.

Forehand.  Make sure to position yourself so that you can use a forehand when returning a serve.  Your forehand is most likely your stronger stroke and will give you more accuracy and power.

Keep it up!  Keep your paddle up and ready to hit (around chest height).  This way you are ready to react to the ball much quicker and with a more fluid motion.

Anticipate.  Try to anticipate your opponent’s next moves and shots.  Watch the Continue reading

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